Forest Mystic Sculptures
9 to 11 inches tall
$200 each
feel free to contact us regarding availability and any questions
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materials: wire, crepe paper masking tape, acid-free glue, artists' acrylics, matte varnish, glass 
​​​​​​​Our one-of-a-kind sculptures are created with masking tape over wire armatures that we make ourselves and their eyes are made of glass. Each sculpture is coated with layers of an acid-free water-based glue, painted with artists acrylics and a matte varnish for protection. They are signed, titled and dated on the bottom in india ink.
Folk the Forest Mystic Sculptures
10 inches tall

Rainier the Forest Mystic Sculpture - Sold
9 inches tall

Hemlock the Forest Mystic Sculpture
10 inches tall

Walden the Forest Mystic Sculpture
11 inches tall

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